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Philosophy of BSS

     Blessed Sacrament School is committed to the development of the whole person in the image of Christ.  To this end we stress those qualities, which will enable our children to become positive contributing members of Church and Society.

     We are a community that makes the pursuit of academic achievement an integral part of our faith.  Our Christian faith emphasizes the dignity of every person as a child of God, and realizes the importance of working together for the good of all people and the universe in which we live.  Our school proclaims this message of faith by:

          --professing Christian faith in a personal God

          --helping members of our Christian community to understand the

     message of  Christ more fully

         --promoting harmony with God, self, others and the world

         --integrating faith and Christian values with all areas of learning

.        --promoting Christ's values as expressed in Scripture and in the


         --daily fostering of prayer and meditation

         --promoting the application of faith to current circumstances

.        --fostering the development of personal responsibility in moral

     decision making.

     Christian education has community as its foundation.  Through education Christians must move to build community in all areas of life.  They can do this best if they have learned the meaning of community by experiencing it.  Blessed Sacrament School lives community by:

         --promoting awareness of the gospel meaning of community

         --fostering with gentleness and patience the virtues which bind

     the community together in love

         --creating an atmosphere of belonging

         --fostering a deep appreciation of the Church and its liturgical

     and sacramental life

         --involving teachers, students, and parents in decisions which

     affect the school community.

     Service is the moral responsibility of any Christian community.  This responsibility is necessarily assumed by both clergy and laity alike.  Blessed Sacrament School, being an integral part of the parish community, renders service by:

--fostering an understanding of Christ's mission of service to


--helping teachers and students to live fully Christian lives in

     the present and to prepare for the future

         --building an understanding of the needs of the Church and

     society today and encouraging openness to the needs

     of the future

         --assisting parents in the education of their children

         --developing and sharing a global vision and concern for justice

     and being accountable for the use of resources

         --encouraging the mastery of a variety of skills to enrich one's  

      own life and the lives of others

         --fostering acceptance of responsibility and sensitivity towards

     one another 

--encouraging and acknowledging enthusiasm for learning

         --unveiling each child's uniqueness and self worth

         --encouraging each child to utilize his gifts in service to family,

     school, parish and community.

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