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Medication Policy

Department of Public Health



Dear Parents:

The medication policy and procedure for the Waterbury School System is as follows:

1.      Medication must be brought to the school by a person responsible for the child’s care

      and given to the school nurse or principal.

2.      Medication must be in original container with a label stating how medication is to be


3.      Medication must be accompanied by a written order from the physician, signed by the person responsible for the child’s care.  The school medical advisor must approve before medication is given to the child.  The public health nurse will facilitate this approval.

4.      Medication brought to school without a doctor’s order will not be given and will be held by the school nurse until the parent/guardian comes into school and picks up the medication.

5.      No more than a 45 day supply of medication should be brought in at one time.

6.      All medication must be picked up by the parent after the order for giving medication  has expired or school year ends.  All medication not picked up will be destroyed.

Michael J. Rokosky, M.D.

School Medical Advisor

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