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HSA Mission Statement
Members of the faculty and each father, mother and legal guardian of the pupils attending Blessed Sacrament School are expected to be active members in this organization with full privileges thereof.  A president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary are elected each year to preside over the meetings.  Purpose:
·        To assist the School Board, the school principal and the parish priest in the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of the students.
·        To be a liaison between the parents and the school
·        To provide a vehicle for promoting communication and cooperation between the School and the home
·        To foster a better understanding of the goals and spirit of Catholic Education
·        To assist parents by providing a positive forum for presenting and discussing all matters affecting the school
·        To provide a forum for the presentation of speakers on topics of interest
·        To work with the Connecticut Federation of Catholic School Parents to  influence public opinion and support for federal and state legislation to benefit non-public schools


The constitution and bylaws of the Home-School Association including the duties of officers are on file in the school office. 
Duties and Responsibilities of Room Parents::


Room parents are essential liaisons between the school and the home.  They are uniquely poised to create a positive school climate.  It is fun to establish relationships with students, staff and other parents.  You will be amazed at the blessings that flow from sharing your many talents!  


·        Contact and introduce yourself to your assigned teacher no later than September 15th.  A list of a names and telephone numbers will be provided to you by the Home-School Association
·        The degree of your involvement will be determined by the teacher’s expectations.  Please make every effort to assist that teacher in planning all holiday festivities and other class activities.
·        Please be sure to keep all parents in the class informed about upcoming events.  Open participation to all who wish to volunteer.
·        Inform parents of your class date for the cupcake sale.  Be sure to include the number of cupcakes they are expected to bake.
·        The month of your cupcake sale is also the month that your class must bake for bingo.  Be sure that you request several parents to provide baked goods for the other three Thursdays in that month.
·        The third grade room parent is responsible for organizing the post First Communion Reception.
·        The seventh grade room parent is responsible for organizing the post graduation reception.
·        All written correspondence must be approved by the principal.
·        Room parents may be contacted by the principal or the School Board for help in securing volunteers for fundraisers and/or school events
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