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Second Grade News
January Happenings
     Welcome to 2014!!  We are continuing right along here in second grade.  We are getting excited about Valentine's day approaching, and the 100th day of school!!!
     In Religion, we are taking our knowledge of the Commandments, and learning about forgivness.  We have a special book we are using in the classroom to learn about forgiving others.  We will be using this book as we prepare for our First Reconciliation.
     In Reading, we are learning how to summarize nonfiction text.  We will be reading nonfiction and finding main ideas or important details.  When we put these together, we have a summary. We are learning consonant digraphs (th, sh, ch, wh) in Phonics and Spelling.   In Grammar, we are learning present and past tense verbs.
     In Math, we are finishing up adding two-digit numbers, and will be moving on to subtracting them!  This can be tricky- but the key to success is making sure your bigger number is always on top!!
     In Science and Social Studies, we will be learning about different types of habitats.  We will be learning about Martin Luthe King, Jr. in Social Studies.
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