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                             In order to provide a Catholic education for the children of a growing Blessed Sacrament Parish in 1942, four Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, New York, came to staff a catechetical center in the parish, then under the pastorship of Monsignor Edward Morrison. 

          Reverend John F. Kenney, who succeeded Monsignor Morrison, looked beyond the catechetical program toward providing the opportunity for the development of the whole child, both spiritually and intellectually.  Realizing that only the Catholic School provides this unique opportunity, Father Kenney worked toward raising funds necessary for the construction of a school. His goal became a reality on April 24, 1956 when the official dedication was held and reached its fulfillment in September of that year when Blessed Sacrament opened its doors to the first classes.  In June of 1960, assistant pastor and principal, Reverend James F. Tomney, was proud to present its first graduating class. 

          The Franciscan Sisters continued their mission at Blessed Sacrament School through June of 2002.  Among those to have served as principal were Sr. M. St. Edward OSF, Sr. Mary Angela Dicara OSF, Sr. Dolores O’Brien OSF, and Sr. Jean Hayes OSF.    The spirit of the Franciscan Sisters is memorialized through a scholarship initiated by the faculty in 2002.  This scholarship is given to a deserving eighth grader each year.

          In 2001, Reverend Michael F. X. Hinkley replaced the retired Reverend Walter Vichas and in 2002, the first lay principal, Mrs. Debora A. Mainstruck, was hired.  Although there are no longer any Franciscan Sisters on staff, the dedicated lay faculty and staff have made it possible for Blessed Sacrament to continue to provide a quality Catholic education at Blessed Sacrament School. 

           Through the concerted efforts of previous and present administrators and the Office of Development at Blessed Sacrament School, much modernization of the school plant has been completed and since the accreditation of 1997, many changes have been implemented in the school.

           In 1998, pre-algebra and algebra courses were added to an already aggressive curriculum.  A formal technology program was also initiated.  In 2003, a pre-k three and four year old program was established.  Blessed Sacrament School was one of the first schools in the area to offer a full day pre-k program.  In 2004, a word study Latin program was added to the sixth grade curriculum and in 2008 a Spanish program (replacing French) was added to the seventh grade course of study.  Students in grade seven receive instruction in Spanish four periods during the week.  Students in grades one through four have one period of Spanish per week.  During this same year Latin was introduced to the fifth graders during one period per week.

           The Before School Program had been in place a few years before the After School Program saw its birth in 2002.  Both programs are still thriving today.

           Blessed Sacrament School offers many activities in which the students may become involved. Boys and girls at the upper grade levels have the opportunity to participate in sports programs such as baseball, softball, basketball, and track.  All students take part in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program during physical education classes.  Several of our students are active in parish ministries as altar servers, choir members, and bell ringers.  All Blessed Sacrament students are involved in community service since each class adopts a special project to address each year.  Also noteworthy is that every child in our school is paired with another as a prayer partner and class buddy for school masses and class projects/activities.

           Our students participate in MATHCOUNTS competitions, Spelling Bees, Geography Bees, as well as essay, poetry writing, and art contests.  Several students belong to the Rubik’s Cube Club. All of our students are fortunate to have weekly peer tutoring available to them.  The Student Council is active in promoting school spirit through its various activities.

         For more than 50 years, Blessed Sacrament School has been pursuing the spiritual, moral, and academic growth of its students by promoting self-discipline, self-motivation, and excellence in learning. At Blessed Sacrament School, our students are dedicated to serving God, helping one another and being the best they can be.  From its founding, we continue to be a faith-based school, educating children in grades pre-k through grade eight to become individuals who are strong and compassionate in their way of thinking and living and, as such, to become productive members of society.


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