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After School

The after school program is open to all students from preschool through eighth grade. It starts at 3: 00 PM and ends at 5:30 PM in the 5th grade room. The time is broken into different activities. There is a 15 minute snack break from 3:00 to 3:15.  Snack is not provided at this time. Please do not send snacks containing nuts. The room is a nut-free space.  At 3:15 all students will finish snack and begin homework.  


Grades 1-3 are REQUIRED to do homework.  Grades 4 - 8 are expected to complete homework.  However, as students at this age are beginning to become more responsible, their homework will not be required to be checked.

*      Our fee is $5.00 per hour, and $1.25 for each 15 block thereafter. Students who participate in the program until 5:30 PM will be charged $12.50 per day.  We ask you to please record the time of pick up clearly to avoid any confusion.
*      Neither cell phones nor electronic devices of any kind are permitted.

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